Tennessee First Five Training Institute

Children are born for relationships. From the very beginning, infants are sponges for the events that occur around them, those that are positive and joyful and those that are hard or potentially traumatic. These relationships with caregivers and professionals are the single largest mitigating factor against the impact of early trauma. Over the last 10 year, Tennessee has worked diligently to build a workforce responsive to the needs of infants, young children and their families who have experience trauma.  Trauma in early childhood may present from events of abuse, neglect, parental drug abuse, parental mental health concerns, separation, grief, and/or loss.

Allied Behavioral Heath Solutions has been funded through the Department of Children's Services' Building Strong Brains Innovation Grant to develop and provide the Tennessee First Five Training Institute (TFFTI). The Institute will provide a year of intensive work with clinicians, agencies, and third-party payors across the state. Three goals define the vision for this project 1) To increase workforce capacity  for mental health professionals to provide high-quality Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) Services that are accessible in all regions of the state through intensive training and Reflective Supervision/Consultation. 2) To work with agency leaders to ensure the presence IECMH services and programs within their agencies, to identify possible barriers to services, and to address those barriers so as to ensure the future of high-quality services across Tennessee. 3) To work with third-party payors to ensure the financial sustainability of high-quality services for all children and families regardless of socio-economic status.

TFFTI Training Calendar

  • Foundations of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Facilitating Attuned iNteractions
    • September 18&19 (Nashville-Register Here)
  • Reflective Supervision/Consultation
    • October 15 (Webinar-Register Here)
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy
    • November 6, 7, 8 for Learning Session 1 (Nashville-Register Here)
  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health in Child Welfare
    • February 20&21 (Register Here)
  • DC:0-5
    • March 26&27  (Register Here)
  • Diversity Tenets
    • April 30 (Nashville-Register Here)


  • How do I participate?
    • Sign up for emails! We will send out information about applying for each of the training opportunities. As registration opens, we will create links here so check back often!
  • Can I participate in all of the trainings?
    • Each training will be available to set number of individuals across the state. Each training will have its own application process and the number of accepted participants will depend on seating availability.
  • How does my agency participate in these conversations?
    • Agency applications were made public in May of 2019 and accepted agencies were announced on July 1, 2019. If your agency has interest in being involved, please contact us and we can discuss an application for a future round of funding

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