Early Awareness Early Response DC:0-5 Training Project


Many infants and toddlers experience trauma, separation, grief, and loss. They are small people who have big feelings.  These little ones look to the adults in their lives, caregivers or professionals, to help them hold these big experiences and emotions. These caregivers and professionals play the essential role of helping infants and young children make sense of their world. Tennessee's behavioral health system is working diligently to increase its responsiveness to the needs of infants, very young children and their families. One of the essential steps to improving our behavioral health services for infants and young children is by increasing the behavioral health community's understanding of the diagnosis and assessment of infants and young children. Increased understanding of early signs and symptoms of emotional needs allows for a quicker response from professionals and a decrease in the amount of time that little ones and their families struggle.

Allied Behavioral Health Solutions was granted a Building Strong Brains Innovation Grant through Tennessee's Department of Children's Services to increase education and awareness to Tennessee's professional community of the assessment and diagnosis of children birth through 60 months. This project, Early Awareness Early Response, will include 2 phases targeting different professional groups using the DC:0-5. The Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood (DC:0-5) provides behavioral health and other diagnosing professionals that work with young children with a framework to reference their observations and concerns. This diagnostic manual provides a common viewpoint and verbiage for professionals to focus interventions. This framework also prioritizes the behaviors, relationships, and experiences of infants and very young children as being unique to their developmental phase of life, underlying that the behaviors of infants and young children are tools to communicate an experience.

DC:0-5 2 Day Training

  • For Master's level or licensed clinicians, psychiatrists, diagnosing physicians, PMHNPs, psychologists
  • 55 spaces available. Must submit application
  • Includes full 2 day training from Zero to Three Master Trainer
  • Includes DC:0-5 manual
  • 3 Follow-up learning community calls with national expert
  • Ongoing support and data tracking

DC:0-5 Webinar

  • For early childhood educators, early intervention staff, pediatricians, NICU nurses, home visitors, case managers, interested community members
  • 75 spaces available. Must sign-up
  • 90 minute webinar to discuss the role and purpose of diagnosis and assessment of young children and the DC:0-5
  • Access to resources for providers across Tennessee with training to diagnose and work with children birth-60 months
  • Access to resources for working with children birth-60 months and their families.

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